• Take note if your location needs a permit!

Knowing this ahead of time gives you a better idea of the timeline for booking your tent. Some permits could take a few days, or a few weeks- it just depends on the location. Also, while some venues require a permit if you’re hosting it at a private residence, your county may skip the permit. A way to check is calling your county clerk!



  • Check what’s underneath!

By this we mean not only which items are going underneath the tent, but also what’s under the ground! So, part 1: the items (tables, chairs, dance floors, etc.) can affect the tent size and in some cases causing you to go with a larger tent size. When calling us for your quote, let us know what your design plans are so that we can give you the most accurate tent size! Part 2: we have a few tent anchoring options (stakes, barrels, concrete blocks) and we’ll need to know if there are any electric lines, water lines, etc. underneath our anchoring area. Dial 811 for a complimentary survey of the area by your county!



  • Book ahead of time!

At Central Florida Tents & Events, we give our clients the option of a tent back-up when reserved in advance of their event (3-6 months out w/ a deposit)! This allows for the peace of mind, that weather will not be an issue and you’ll still have the event of your dreams. Let’s face it, Florida is unpredictable! With us, you have until 3 days prior to your event to let us know if you’re moving forward with the tent- how awesome is that?


Let us know what other questions we can answer for you by giving us a call, or emailing us!


Photo: Rudy & Marta